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Heavy stubber

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Onager Dunecrawler with pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber[10]

The heavy stubber, also known as a heavy stub gun, is a projectile weapon similar in appearance and effect to a M2-era heavy machine gun, firing large-calibre bullets able to stop a man dead in his tracks.[1][2]


The heavy stubber is inferior to the Heavy Bolter in terms of penetration, being defeated by anything better than Flak armour, but compensates with sheer rate of fire, making it an ideal weapon for use against hordes of lightly-armoured infantry and vehicles.[4] The heavy stubber is also cheap and easy to mass produce and can be built on many low-tech worlds which might not otherwise be able to construct laser weapons.[3][4][5] The weight and recoil of many patterns of heavy stubbers require that they be fired from the prone position with a bipod or tripod, or require a pintle mount on an armoured vehicle.[3][4] Others are more man-portable, and even heavier patterns can be wielded by a single trooper through the use of bracing harnesses or suspensors.[5][6]

Within the Imperial Guard the heavy stubber remains its most common anti-personnel weapon. It is often used as a crew-served support weapon or mounted on vehicles in cases where the more potent but rarer and significantly shorter-ranged Storm Bolter is unavailable.[4] Siege Regiments in particular, typically suffering heavy casualties and having to use local materials to replace any equipment losses, make prodigious use of heavy stubbers on account of their ease of manufacture and maintenance.[7] Because of its pervasiveness the heavy stubber has also found its way into the hands of Imperial citizens, and is popular with both militias and outlaws.[4][5]

Adeptus Astartes armour is practically immune to heavy stubber fire, although a lucky bullet can penetrate the less-protected areas. such as the neck or other joints. and cause serious injury.[8]

Known Patterns and Variants

Cognis Heavy Stubber

This is simply a heavy stubber which has been upgraded to become a cognis weapon.

Diabolus and Questoris Heavy Stubbers

Chaos Knights and Imperial Knights commonly employ diabolus and questoris heavy stubbers, respectively; aside from being modified to be mounted on a Knight chassis, the two types don't seem to have identical performance on some targets, which may be due to being chambered with distinct types of ammunition.

Echon Pattern Mark III Assault Stubber

Echon Pattern Mark III Assault Stubber[9]

A more specialized and advanced variant of the standard Heavy Stubber, this weapon has two barrels that spew out stub ammunition to lay down a dense barrage of shells. It is often used by special forces in quelling uprisings. The gun is designed to be used with a backpack ammo pack massing 25 kg and carrying 200 rounds of ammunition.[9]

Ironhail Heavy Stubber

Ironhail Heavy Stubbers[1]

Used by Primaris Space Marines, notably Impulsor and Repulsor vehicles[11]; why they are preferred over bolt weapons is unclear. Available in both standard and "Icarus" variations; while what exactly differs about the latter is unclear, it appears to be particularly effective against enemy flyers.

Ironhead Heavy Stubber

Drill Master with Ironhead Heavy Stubber[19]

Used by the Squat Ironhead Prospectors of Necromunda. Twin-barrelled and drum-fed.[19]

Iron Rain

Iron Rain Heavy Stubber[20]

The Iron Rain is a highly modifiable heavy stubber pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda. In comparison to its contemporary, the 'Tempest', its rounds tend to cause greater injuries to the victim, though it lacks the Tempest's rate of fire, magazine capacity and penetration potential. Associated with the gangers of House Orlock.[20]


Tempest Heavy Stubber[20]

The Tempest is a highly modifiable heavy stubber pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda. In comparison to its contemporary, the 'Iron Rain', the Tempest possesses a higher rate of fire, magazine capacity and penetration though its individual shots tend to be less lethal. Associated with the gangers of House Escher.[20]

Unknown Vraks Heavy Stubber

Vraksian Heavy Stubber

During the Siege of Vraks the traitorous Vraksian Renegade Militia made use of an unknown pattern of heavy stubber, most likely manufactured on the planet itself using the spare parts of other weapons. Belt-fed and with a bipod for stable firing from the prone position, the weapon was fitted with both backsight and foresight, carrying handle, and perforated outer barrel to aid in cooling.[3]

  • Length: 122 cm
  • Barrel: 60 cm
  • Weight: 7.8 kg
  • Calibre: long 8.25
  • Feed: 50 round belt
  • Cyclic rate of fire: 850 rpm
  • Muzzle velocity: 750 m/s


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