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Hecate Class Heavy Cruiser

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Hecate Class Heavy Cruiser

The Hecate Class Heavy Cruiser is a class of Cruiser used by the fleets of Chaos.


Developed in late M33 as a replacement for the Styx Class Heavy Cruiser, it was seen as more well-rounded for fleet engagements and solitary patrols. The ships were being built at Cypra Mundi when newer designs from Mars were deemed more suitable for the Imperial Navy. Most were decommissioned by the Imperium in late M35. By M36, a number of vessels had turned renegade, leading many to fear some inherent design flaw made these ships susceptible to corruption within the Warp. As a response, the Imperial Navy was quick to decommission whatever of the Cruisers remained. Since then, the class is frequently seen in the armadas of Chaos Space Marine fleets and in particular the Black Crusades of Abaddon the Despoiler.[1]

Notable Vessels


Hecate is a Greek Goddess closely associated with witchcraft.