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Heironymo Sondar

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Heironymo Sondar was the High Master of Vervunhive on the planet Verghast.


Around 679.M41, Heironymo had personally commanded Vervunhive's army during its Trade War against Ferrozoica Hive Manufactory, which ended when Vervun's troops overran Zoica's defenses.[1a]

Heironymo was an effective and popular leader who created many of the laws that ruled Vervunhive. Around 719.M41, at the age of 120, Heironymo was murdered by his twenty-year-old nephew Salvador, who was jealous of Heironymo's popularity and sought to take control of Vervunhive for himself. Salvador would rule Vervunhive for fifty years afterwards, still bearing the guilt of murdering his uncle, until he himself was killed during the Siege of Vervunhive in 769.M41. Despite the length of Salvador's reign, Heironymo remained a venerated figure by the people of Vervunhive, much to the chagrin of his successor.[1a]


In addition to his abilities as a leader, Hieronymo was a mechanical genius who created many unique pieces of technology. One of these was a miniature device that could shut down all of Vervunhive if plugged into a data port. Hieronymo entrusted this device to House Chass, the most public-minded of the city's noble houses, as a safeguard in case any later High Master of the city became a tyrant (as Salvador did). Ibram Gaunt reflected that, in its own way, the device was as deadly as an atomic warhead or a Space Marine Chapter.[1b] After Lord Chass was murdered by Salvador, his daughter, Merity, entrusted it to Gaunt, who used it to crucial effect in his strike on Heritor Asphodel's command vehicle.[1c]

The Sword of Heironymo Sondar was a revered artifact carried by whoever commanded the defense of Vervunhive. During the Siege, it was carried by Marshal Edric Croe, who passed it on to Gaunt shortly before his own death in the Siege.[1d] Gaunt has carried it with him ever since.


  • "The distinction between Trade and Warfare is seen only by those who have no experience of either."[1e]