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Helig Gallor

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Helig Gallor was a warrior of the Death Guard's 7th Great Company at the outbreak of the Horus Heresy.

He was one of the Seventy who reached Terra aboard the frigate Eisenstein and were imprisoned in the Somnus Citadel. Some time later he volunteered to assist Amendera Kendel on a mission to Proxima Majoris for Malcador the Sigillite.[1] Afterwards he became one of the Knights-Errant and was reunited with his Captain, Nathaniel Garro, on Nolec Trimus where they defeated a dragon-like daemon together.[2]

Later on Terra, Gallor and his fellow Knights-Errant fought against Chaos Cultists and the reborn Lord of the Flies. Along with Garro he was not among those chosen by Malcador to become a founding member of the Grey Knights. Instead, the two expressed their desire to fight Horus when he arrived at the Throneworld. Garro asked Gallor to gather as many of the surviving Seventy as he could.[3] During the Siege of Terra Gallor served under Loken's kill-squad as they ambushed the Sons of Horus beneath the Saturnine Gate.[4]

Continuing to fight alongside Garro during the Siege, Gallor was able to help Euphrati Keeler escape at Marmax Bastion while Garro sacrificed himself to hold off Mortarion himself.[5] He was later seen fighting alone in the final defense of the Inner Palace.[6]