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Helio Isidorus

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Helio Isidorus was a Legionary in the Thousand Sons Legion, who fought the Space Wolves during the Burning of Prospero. As the Thousand Sons were beaten back by the Wolves, Helio and the other survivors of his shattered Legion were transported by Ahriman to the Planet of Sorcerers.[Needs Citation]

There Ahriman cast the Rubric of Ahriman in order to stop the mutations afflicting his brothers, which transformed Helio, and the other non-psychic members of the Thousand Sons, into Rubric Marines.

After his transformation Helio still retained some self awareness and occasionally recalled some memory of his past life, but these moments were always fleeting as his new form made it difficult for him to retain his thoughts.[1]

Helio later appeared at the side of the sorcerer Tolbek, when he confronted Ahriman, traveling incognito with the Chaos warband The Harrowing, aboard the ship Titan Child.[2]

After Ahriman's encounter with Amon and his Acquisition of the Athenaeum of Kallimakus, Helio becomes one of the main subjects of Ahriman's research into the effects of the first Rubic and the creation of the second. Later, after Ahriman's supposed second Failure on the Planet of Sorcerers, it is discovered that the second Rubic cast by Ahriman has partially worked, fully restoring Helio Isidorus as a Legionary, but at the price of most of his memories, seemingly only remembering his name.[3]

Isidorus is the only Rubicae to have been fully restored.

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