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Hell's Iris

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Hell's Iris is a Ramilles Class Star-fort that is owned by the Red Corsairs and was formerly known as Canaan's Eye. It resides within the Maelstrom Warpstorm and serves as an outpost for the Warband.[1]


In early M42, Lord Apothecary Garreon used Hell's iris as his base of operations, as he began implanting the Red Corsair's remaining Astral Claws Gene-seed into new Aspirants. However Garreon had voiced his concerns to the Warband's Master of the Forge, Armanneus Valthex, that the Gene-seed was rapidly degrading. Despite his efforts, this led to an unheard of level of an attrition rate among the implanted Aspirants. Luckily for the Red Corsairs, however, they also had access to healthy Gene-seed that the Warband had stolen from other Space Marine Chapters.[2]

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