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Hell Blade

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Fighter aircraft; for the the Daemon Weapon, see Hellblade.
A Hell Blade interceptor

Hell Blades are aircraft designed to fill the role of interceptors, employed by Chaos forces, including Chaos Space Marines and the more numerous Chaos militias such as the Blood Pact.[1]


They are used as fast and agile interceptors, engaging enemy aircraft while the larger Hell Talon fighter-bomber devastates ground targets. In this role they are armed with two twin-linked autocannons. The Hell Blade has a sleek, slim and deadly form, and is thought to be a product of a forge world in the Eye of Terror. Hell Blades are sometimes daemonically possessed; in other cases they are piloted by a servitor hard-wired into the cockpit.[2] The Hell Razor class is a variant which was used by the Blood Pact on Enothis.[1]


Hell Blade's saw massive use in Abaddon the Despoiler's Thirteenth Black Crusade and became a common sight above besieged Imperial worlds. They did battle with heavily outnumbered Imperial Navy Fighter Wings, and claims exist that over 2,000 Hell Blades have been lost over Cadia alone.[4]

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Type Air Superiority Fighter[2] Operational Ceiling Unknown[2]
Vehicle Name Hell Blade[2] Max Speed 2800 kph[2]
Forge World of Origin Xana II[2] Range Unknown[2]
Known Patterns N/A[2] Main Armament 4x Autocannons[2]
Crew Pilot[2] Secondary Armament None[2]
Powerplant Unknown[2] Main Ammunition Unknown[2]
Weight 3.5 tonnes empty[2] Secondary Ammunition N/A[2]
Length 13.8m[2] Armour
Wingspan 5.6m[2] Superstructure Unknown[2]
Height 1.65m[2] Hull Unknown[2]


Hell Blades in space[3]



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