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Hell Forge

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Hell Forges are fallen Forge Worlds and the domain of the Dark Mechanicus. Many of these worlds were once loyal Forge Worlds of the Martian Mechanicum, but have since slipped into worship of the Ruinous Powers.[1]

Though their origins lay with the original followers of Kelbor-Hal who sided with Horus during the Horus Heresy[3], many other Mechanicum Forge Worlds have since fallen into corruption.[1] Infernal polluted landscapes, Hell Forges are rife with all kinds of foul Warp Creatures as well as the site of large amounts of Human and Mutant slaves.[2] With many existing within the Eye of Terror or other similar Warp anomalies, these worlds are ruled over by corrupted Magi of the Dark Mechanicum who make pacts with Daemonic entities to develop hellish technologies and churn out weaponry and Daemon Engines for Chaos Space Marines. Hell Forges are also frequent bases of the Traitor Titan Legions.

Notable Hell Forges

Planet name Segmentum Sector Notes
Abheilüng Segmentum Solar Unknown
Antioc Segmentum Obscurus Unknown
Crucible-Omega Unknown Unknown
Cyclotrathe Segmentum Obscurus Coronid Deeps
Forge Polix Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector
Diesos Unknown Unknown
Gallium Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror
Ghalmek Ultima Segmentum The Maelstrom Ruled by the Word Bearers
Junkatta Ultima Segmentum Unknown
Ironghast Foundry Unknown Unknown Khorne affiliated
Omega-Threx Segmentum Obscurus Unknown [4]
Retlaxi Unknown Unknown
Samech Ultima Segmentum Jericho Reach
Sarum Ultima Segmentum Maelstrom Zone Sworn to World Eaters
Silent Forge Unknown Unknown
Temporia Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror Tzeentch affiliated
Toil Unknown Unknown Ruled by Iron Warriors
Uraniborg 1572 Unknown Unknown
Valia-Maximal Segmentum Tempestus Unknown
Xana II Segmentum Obscurus Eye of Terror


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