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Hell Talon

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A Hell Talon

Hell Talons are fighter-bombers, and are the main aircraft employed by Chaos forces, including Chaos Space Marines and the more numerous Chaos militias.[Needs Citation]


Used in both aerial and space battles, the Hell Talon has a sleek form resembling an elongated double-axe head. Vectored engines allow for superior manoeuvrability. Superior in combat to almost any Imperial airship of any class. Its armament consists of twin-linked lascannons, either an autocannon or Havoc Launchers, and incendiary bombs.[Needs Citation]

A Hell Talon is sometimes daemonically possessed; in other cases they are piloted by a servitor hard-wired into the cockpit. Besides the pilot, the Hell Talon has two other servitor crew.[Needs Citation]

The Hell Talon, as well similar aircraft are presumed to be the products of a corrupted forge world Xana II existing within the Eye of Terror.[1b][2] In combat the Hell Talon swoops low, strafing targets with lascannons and autocannons, and engulfing enemies in the superheated fires of incendiary bombs.[2]

Technical Specifications
Type Fighter-Bomber[1a] Operational Ceiling Unknown[1a]
Vehicle Name Hell Talon[1a] Max Speed 2350 kph[1a]
Forge World of Origin Xana II[1a] Range Unknown[1a]
Known Patterns N/A[1a] Main Armament 2x Lascannons[1a]
Crew 3. Pilot, Gunner, Commander[1a] Secondary Armament 1x Autocannon, 8 Incendiary Bombs[1a]
Powerplant Unknown[1a] Main Ammunition Unknown
Weight 17 tonnes empty[1a] Secondary Ammunition Unknown
Length 20.3m[1a] Armour
Wingspan 10.4m[1a] Superstructure Unknown
Height 3m[1a] Hull Unknown


Epic Scale Hell Talon