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Hellfire Class Heavy Cruiser

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Hellfire Class Heavy Cruiser[1]

The Hellfire Class Heavy Cruiser is a class of Heavy Cruiser today most commonly used by Chaos fleets.


Originally, the Hellfire Class was an early attempt by the Adeptus Mechanicus to mount large Weapons Batteries onto a Cruiser-class hull. Initially only fitted with relatively weak Lances, after several years of tinkering with the ship's power generators the Mechanicum was able to add further-ranged and more powerful lance batteries. Thus the ships became formidable and were used in planetary sieges and system blockades.[1]

That being said the ships still suffered from multiple issues. Their huge arsenal greatly reduced their speed, something which proved a constant hindrance for smaller and more maneuverable ships it fought alongside. Their lack of Void Shield generators (due to most of the ships power going to its weaponry) also made them easy targets for enemy fire. Additionally due to the large space required to fit its ammunition and power generators, crew quarters were cramped and under-supplied. All of these weaknesses made the Hellfire ill-suited for long-range patrols unless supported by a flotilla of transports and escorts.[1]

Due to the undesirable conditions on board, crew morale tended to suffer during long periods at dock or patrol. In such cramped and crowded conditions, the murmurings of discontent started to spread and many of these vessels and their crews eventually mutinied, leading them down the road to Chaos. Today, most Hellfires remain in the fleets of Chaos.[1]