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Hellfury Cannon

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A Hellfury Cannon was a Squat weapon that was only mounted on the Cyclops super-heavy vehicle.[1]

The primary armament of the Cyclops, the Hellfury is a modified starship weapon that operates on similar principles to that of a Lance. Energised by a massive plasma reactor, the Hellfury emits a massive stream of phased particles that energetically react with one another, increasing in destructive potential until the beam is one of pure energy, capable of destroying almost any target.[1]

A continuous, forward-firing beam, the Hellfury blast strikes into a target, potentially overloading void shields one after another, smashing open layers of armour plate and finally penetrating the interior. The beam can theoretically operate for as long as power can be supplied, but in practice there is a risk of overload that runs higher the longer the Hellfury is activated, and the tougher the target. The Hellfury is therefore deactivated once a certain danger threshold is reached, regardless of the status of the target. However, the Hellfury is so devastating against ground opponents that the initial shot is often enough to permanently remove the target from the field.[1]