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Hellick Mauer

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Hellick Mauer[1]

Hellick Mauer was a dogged, curious, and exceptional Command Prefectus Boetharch investigator, who took part in the Siege of Terra.[1]

As Horus' invasion raged, she was charged with keeping law and order within the Imperial Palace's riotous outer precincts and wards. The dauntless former Imperial Army soldier was committed to her duty, even though the nature of Mauer's work was often clandestine and unexplained.[1]

During the Siege, Mauer teamed up with the Selenar Priestess Andromeda-17 in order to investigate the source of madness and despair infesting the minds of the Imperial defenders.[2a] Their investigations led them to Blackstone Prison, where they met with Euphrati Keeler, Kyril Sindermann, Amon Tauromachian, and the imprisoned Basilio Fo.[2b] Mauer convinced Keeler to come to her aid, and escorted her out of the Prison in a convoy. However, the convoy was ambushed by enemy forces. Keeler escaped but Mauer was confronted by a traitor Space Marine.[2c]

Mauer eventually meets up again with Sinderman and Keeler, taking part in the Remembrancers journey into the Hall of Leng and Kyril's reunion with Garviel Loken.[3] After Loken leaves for the Vengeful Spirit, Mauer and Sindermann continue to research lore regarding Chaos. She reads from a book on Samus, inadvertently saving Loken as he battled the Daemon aboard the Vengeful Spirit.[4a] Later, the duo are confronted by Azhek Ahriman as he searches for knowledge within the Hall of Leng.[4b] After overhearing Ahriman and Sinderman's conversations on the nature of Chaos and Daemons, the Sorcerer promptly left when Horus was defeated.[5a]

Mauer survived the Siege and left the Hall of Leng with Sindermann in the aftermath of the battle.[5b]