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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Dark Eldar Hellion; for the Missile, see Hellion Missile.
Dark Eldar Hellions in flight

A Hellion is a feral and athletic Dark Eldar mounted on a "skyboard", a flying platform equipped with underslung splinter pods from which they assault the enemy forces before they have a chance to fire back. They are comprised of outcasts, anarchists and wanted felons who are considered rebellious even by other Dark Eldar.[4]


Hellions form gangs that prey in the streets of Commorragh. They often maintain close ties to the Wych Cults, who provide them with various Combat Drugs and protection against other gangs and threats in exchange for performance in the bloody fights of the Cult's arena, as well as any realspace raids they may be hired out on.[4]

Wargear and Tactics

Hellions wield Hellglaives, double-sided polearms with recurved hooks that allow a skilled wielder to latch onto nearby objects and change direction in a heartbeat. Synonymous with street gangs, reprobates and miscreants without exception, Hellions perform mad races in the shady streets and between the spires of Commorragh as well as maintaining fierce rivalries with the Reavers and Scourges of the upper levels, as they hate those who flaunt privilege and status. They often deploy ahead of the Dark Eldar army, or even during the battle.

Famous Hellions

Known Hellion Gangs

  • The Bloodshot Blades[1]
  • The Ragged Wound[2]
  • The Crimson Helwings[2]
  • The Sky Devils[2]
  • The Blackened Fang[3]
  • The Scythewing Gang[4]