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Helot Cult

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Helot Cults are a type of Chaos Cult on Necromunda, also known as "Chaos Cult Gangs".[4]

Helot Cults are a particular form of Chaos Cult, one that festers in the depths of the Hive beneath the notice of Imperial authorities. Despite heavy persecution they are never fully destroyed, spreading belief in the Ruinous Powers from hidden temples. While helot cults work continually to add to their numbers and spread their influence, their true ambition is something far more sinister. They seek out places when the barrier between the Materium and Immaterium is weak, hoping to strengthen through worship and sacrifice in order to summon Daemons. Cultist demagogues are careful to hide their existence until the precise moment to rise up, or else they risk being crushed by the Imperial regime.[1c]

Though no two helot cults are identical, their leaders are almost universally a caste apart from those they lead, pursuing their own goals that are in many ways incompatible with those of their followers. The rank and file hope for deliverance from their squalid lives, and are prepared to risk all for a chance at a freedom they are unlikely to ever see. The demagogues however tread a different path, seeking personal power and using the cultists as disposable weapons to be utilized and cast away to their own ends.[1c]

Some Cults escape destruction after their discovery and journey into the lawless wastes of the underhive. Here they become outlanders, competing for the region's scant resources against Mutants, Redemptionists, and all manner of other rivals.[1c]

Known Helot Cults

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