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2drones.gif This article is about the hive ship; for the short story by L.J. Goulding, see Heloth (Short Story).

Heloth was the Imperial designation for a tyranid Hive Ship of Miral Rex, a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken.[1][2]

Full designation #70443 Heloth, the Hive Ship was present during the invasion of the Miral System. It was the first of Miral Rex's larger hive ships to be engaged by the Imperial defenders of the system; Heloth was shot down over Miral Prime by Honour's Might, the flagship of the Scythes of the Emperor.[1]

Unfortunately, Heloth crash-landed on Miral Prime largely intact. The Second Company, led by Captain Agaitas, were sent to scout the crash site to determine whether Heloth's threat was neutralised. Many of the tyranid organisms onboard the hive ship survived, however, including a number of Bio-Titans. The Second Company was ambushed (with Agaitas wounded beyond his transhuman physiology's capacity to heal) by the tyranids and sustained heavy casualties, forcing what remained of the reconnaissance forces and the units sent to support them to withdraw to the Chapter's bastion at Giant's Coffin.[1][2]

As with all of the vessels of the splinter fleet, Heloth was named after a monster or dark figure of Sotharan myth.[1]