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Hermaphage Magos

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The Hermaphage Magos is a Psychic Biophagus on Necromunda, that serves as a Psychic amplifier and eyes for the Patriarch that is trapped within the fallen Hive Secondus.[1]

It was drawn forth from the DNA the Patriarch gathered from the Magos Hermiatus, after the Genestealer escaped his experiments and infected the Heretek. Though Hermiatus was later hunted down and killed for his Heresy, that caused the infection of Hive Secundus, the Hermaphage Magos seeks to finish his life's work. It holds an elevated position withing Necromunda's Genestealer Cults and they willing bend themselves to the Hermaphage's will, when the Magos comes across them. However Planetary Governor Gerontius Helmawr, has become aware of the Magos' connection to the Patriarch of Hive Secondus and the Hermaphage now has a bounty placed upon it. Even as it seeks to complete Hermiatus' work, the Magos is being hunted by countless bounty hunters and the best of Governor Helmawr's agents. The ruler of Necromunda rightfully fears what the coming of a creature like the Hermaphage could mean for the future of the Hive World.[1]