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Hermes Light Sentinel

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Hermes Light Sentinel[1]

The Hermes Light Sentinel was a light combat walker used by the Imperial Army during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


It was much faster than the Aethon Heavy Sentinel, as its stripped-down appearance gave the Hermes greater speed and maneuverability. This allowed the Sentinel to outflank enemies and was a favorite to use at striking exposed enemy flanks and isolated command units. It would then retreat back into cover before the enemy could muster significant resistance to the Sentinel's attack. They could be equipped with a Multi-laser for a deadly anti-infantry punch or a heavier Hermes Grenade Launcher that traded range for versatility. With this weapon, the Hermes' could launch a volley of high-powered Krak Grenades which could threaten armored tanks, once the Sentinel used its speed to target their vulnerable sides and rear.[1]

The Hermes also had a a heavier-armored and more aggressive Incursus sub-pattern for the Imperial Army's elite Veletaris. Known as Veletarii Sentinels, their armor made them slower than the Hermes, but packed an even more fearsome arsenal to make use of the Veletaris drivers' superior skills. This included Volkite Calivers for ranged fire or Heavy Flamers for close-range breakthrough actions. All this allowed the Veletariis to safely support the vicious frontal assaults that the Veletaris were famous for, while also being able to harry the fast-moving Legiones Astartes units that could sweep away lighter Sentinel models.[1]



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