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Hetris Lugenbrau

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Hetris Lugenbrau was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus.


Lugenbrau led a small army of about sixty of his retainers to the planet Maginor in 239.M41 in a hunt for the corrupted Inquisitor Quixos. According to official records, he is listed as having disappeared. However, based on a transcript of a pict-recording taken during Lugenbrau's raid against the Mystic Path's mountain fastness on Maginor, it was clear he was killed by Quixos's daemonhost servant, Cherubael.[1]

Lugenbrau had been a pupil of Inquisitor Pavel Uet, a comrade of Commodus Voke. During the raid against Quixos' operations of Farness Beta over a century later, Voke related to Gregor Eisenhorn — who led the cell of Inquisitors - that Lugenbrau's disappearance on Maginor had affected Uet greatly, and shortened his life. That fact eventually convinced Voke that Quixos had to pay.[2]