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Hibou Khan

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Hibou Khan after his shame in the Second Battle of Prospero[4]

Hibou Khan was a member of the White Scars during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, commanding the Brotherhood of the Dawn Sky. Born on Terra as opposed to Chogoris, Hibou was part of Hasik Noyan-Khan and Torghun Khan's conspiracy to side the legion with Horus.[1a] When the plan failed and the Great Khan committed the legion to the Loyalist cause, Hibou surrendered himself and was taken into custody.[1b]

Later Hibou Khan returned to service and attempted to rehabilitate himself, leading forces against the Sons of Horus and badly wounding Horus Aximand in the Battle of Dwell.[2][3] He became part of the loyalist crew of the captured Sons of Horus Destroyer Grey Talon under Iron Hands member Bion Henricos.[4]