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Dark Eldar Kabal Hierarchy

Hierarch is a title given to a member of a Dark Eldar Kabal. The Hierarch acts as a sort of councilor to the Archon of a Kabal. They are the Archon's right hand, and are expected to keep ever vigilant against the threat of insurgents, and to enforce the Archon's will throughout the ranks in the Kabal. The majority of Hierarchs are promoted from Dracon, being the position in the Kabal most likely to come in frequent contact with the Hierarch as a subordinate and thus have the best chance to kill them.[Needs Citation]

It is also important to note that this title is used as a suffix, not a prefix like other Dark Eldar titles. Therefore, the proper way to refer to the Kabal of the Bloodied Claw's Khirareq would be "Khirareq Hierarch", not "Hierarch Khirareq".[Needs Citation]

Notable Hierarchs

Incubi and Hierarchs

The Dark Eldar Incubi, warriors and mercenaries outside of kabals, are led by Hierarchs. They are powerful mercenary warrior kings who rule over a shrine of their order. They are known to flaunt their wealth and status.[1]

It is unknown how these incubi-hierarchs are nominated.[Needs Citation]