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You stand before this brotherhood as a renegade and a traitor. Your actions have brought shame on the Primarch and on the Unforgiven. Your suffering shall be but a beginning to your penance and your screams shall be the harbinger of your contrition.
— Interrogator-Chaplain Uzrael to an unnamed member of the Fallen


Interrogator-Chaplains are special Chaplains of the Dark Angels.[1]


They are members of the Dark Angels' Inner Circle and are thus highly respected by their peers. The route to becoming an Interrogator-Chaplain is perilous. He will be observed from a distance throughout his career and may eventually come to learn some of the secrets pertaining to the fall of Caliban. If this is so, he will be brought before the Inner Circle and judged whether he is ready to join them or not. If so he will become a full member and learn the secrets of the chapter. If he is judged not to be ready then he may be mind-scrubbed, or worse.[1]

While having similar duties to normal Chaplains, Interrogators have the added duty of making any Fallen repent. For every fallen that repents they may add a black pearl to their Rosarius in honour of this achievement. Master Molochia had a dozen black pearls, making him one of the most successful Interrogator-Chaplains in the history of the Dark Angels.[1]

Historically, Interrogator-Chaplains have their origins in the Host of Fire of the First Legion during the Unification Wars and Great Crusade. The Chaplains of this host were renowned for their bloody torture.[8]

Notable Interrogator-Chaplains




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