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Colossus (Hive Fleet)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Tyranid Hive Fleet. For other uses of Colossus, see Colossus (disambiguation).
Colossus's invasion into the galaxy from the Eastern Fringe. Other Hive Fleets are also shown.[6]

Hive Fleet Colossus was a Tyranid Hive Fleet comprised of centaur-like creatures that entered the Galaxy from the Eastern Fringe, and in late M28 was sighted in the Ultima Segmentum and as far into the galaxy as the Segmentum Tempestus.[1][4] Colossus was destroyed in 226.M39 at the end of the Zorastra-Attilla Wars [1] or during the Helican Crusade[3], depending on the source.


Colossus consisted of several large nomadic fleets that displayed many similarities to other Tyranid Hive Fleets. Their vessels were conch-like crafts apparently grown from stone. The centauroid creatures of Colossus were able to make use of Tyranid weapon-symbiotes, although it appeared to be a painful process for them to equip themselves with the bio-weapons. The creatures of Colossus had the ability to communicate telepathically and were known to communicate with other races. The creatures claimed they were slaves escaping from an unnamed oppressor.[1][2]

Colossus's frequent contact with other alien races and attempts to settle in Imperial controlled space resulted in the Imperium declaring Colossus Xenos Horrificus in early M39. The Zorastra-Attilla Wars started as the entirety of Colossus attacked the Imperium with terrifying ferocity. After fifty years, the wars ended with the full destruction of Hive Fleet Colossus. The last known Colossus vessel was destroyed by orbital defences above Zorastra in 226.M39 - its remains fell to the planet and rendered the entire northern hemisphere uninhabitable until late M41.[1]

At the close of M41, there are thriving rumours that Hive Fleet Colossus has arisen, despite its apparent destruction during the Helican Crusade.[3]

Indeed it is known that in 897.M41, Colossus invaded the civilised world of Thressiax. Imperial forces on the planet were unable to stop the constant influx of invaders and Imperial Command issued a high ruling for all forces to withdraw so they can exterminate the Tyranids from space, and in the process leave the settlers of Thressiax to their own fates. However, Space Wolf Bran Redmaw, resupplying upon Thressiax at the time, objected fiercely to the command. He sent two full squads of Grey Hunters to reinforce the spaceport of Montberg to give the settlers a chance to evacuate. On the spaceport the Grey Hunters set about training the men in anti-Tyranid drill. And when Colossus attacked, they managed to hold the walls of the spaceport long enough for the settler families to escape safely. Six Grey Hunters survived and Imperial High Command ordered them to be stripped of all honours for disobeying a direct command, but Bran Redmaw instead promoted all of them into his personal Wolf Guard.[5]

Background Information

The centaur-like description of the creatures of Colossus and the claim they were slaves has lead many fans to speculate the creatures of Colossus are actually Zoats, a species of centaur slaves to the Tyranids introduced in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, although this has never been officially stated.

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