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Imperial Guard battle the forces of Grendyllus[1a]

Hive Fleet Grendyllus is a newly discovered colossal tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan, that invaded Segmentum Pacificus alongside Nautilon and Promethor, which caused the Fourth Tyrannic War to begin.[1a]


Unlike Nautilon and Promethor, though, Grendyllus did not appear until sometime after the Imperium had begun fighting the two tendrils. By using its Solblade strike forces, the Imperium had managed to stymie the eastward advancement of Nautilon and Promethor, which had both been moving in a parallel course towards Segmentum Solar. This was when Grendyllus first appeared by spearing up through the galactic plane and then attacking well behind the Solblades' frontlines. Before the Imperium could be made aware of this by distress cries, however, Grendyllus' Shadow in the Warp billowed thick and dark before it and completely smothered any warnings about its approach. This allowed the tendril to spread uncheck for a time, as the Imperium confused any later requests for aid or warnings it received, as being the result of attacks committed by Nautilon or Promethor. As a result, Grendyllus was able to freely devour the Motzarch Cluster, Rendhor Belt, Stather's Reach and the Leagues of Votann's Unnhârt Stars enclaves, without its true size and threat being discovered.[1a]

This finally ended, after Grendyllus invaded the outer Systems of the Bastior Sub-sector, where it attacked several patrolling task forces of the Indomitus Crusade's Battle Group Faustus. A handful of the task forces' warships managed to escape the tendril's grasp and brought word of its existence to their Groupmaster, Tysen Yacobe. He ensured this was known across the Sub-sector and as news spread, the new tendril was named Grendyllus. At that time, Lord Commander Solar Leontus was located in Bastior, as he had made the Anchor World Sanctum his base of operations. When he realized the full scale of the invasion, Leontus knew the Sub-sector's Imperial forces were not enough to defend it. The Lord Commander Solar would then send out a plea for aid to the Solblades and any other Imperial forces outside of Bastior that could help[1a]. Upon learning of this, the Solblades withdrew from fighting Nautilon and Promethor and immediately made their way to the Bastior Sub-sector. While the strike forces have so far succeeded in preventing Grendyllus from completely consuming Bastior, the Imperium fears Nautilon and Promethor will now be able to continue their advance upon Segmentum Solar.[1b]

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