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Moloch's path into the galaxy from the galactic north. Other Hive Fleets are also shown.

Moloch is a minor Tyranid Hive Fleet plunging through the Ghoul Stars into the galactic north of the Galaxy as of 998.M41.[1][2] Known losses to the Hive Fleet are the Kiltor Sector and the Tarellian Civilisation.[1] They were also responsible for the invasion of the Adeptus Mechanicus test world of Ghodba.[4]


A vanguard tendril of Moloch threatened to consume the Agri-World of Jollov in 932.M41 (though this date is inconsistent with the date of Moloch invading the galaxy given in other sources) just as Techno Magus Stannum Vir discovered fragments of an STC on the planet. The world's spaceport is defended by elements of Catachan, Mordian, Kanak, Molov and Agathon regiments in order to buy enough time for the Adeptus Mechanicus to flee with the STC.[3b]

Splinter Fleet

A splinter fleet of Moloch was stopped from consuming a Hive city on Karak Prime by the veteran Vostroyan 9th regiment "Old Irascibles". For eighteen months a Tyranid swarm that stretched from the base of the city walls to the distant horizon was held back by the Vostroyans. Realising they were doomed if they ran out of ammunition, the Vostroyans opened the city's gates and drew the horde inside. When the bulk of the Tyranids had entered the city, the Vostroyans detonated the hive's nucleonic stack and incinerated the hive, along with all its defenders and an estimated eighty-five percent of the Tyranid swarm. As the city entered midwinter, the surviving Tyranids starved to death and the splinter fleet was destroyed.[3a]

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