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Hive Scum

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Hive Scum, or Scummers, are masterless or itinerant Imperial Hivers who will fight for anyone who offers them coin. Some are mercenaries who travel from zone to zone, earning whatever easy money is around before moving on. Many though are drunkards and down-and-outs who, despite their appearances, are more than capable of holding their own in a fight. Regardless of their background, Hive Scum are too wild and independent to submit to the leadership of anyone for very long and will only work when they feel like it — as their services are always in demand.[1]

In the Underhive of Necromunda, most Hive Scum end up working for the Merchant Guilds, though a few are always willing to aid one the Hive World's numerous gangs. They are especially valuable to newly created gangs, who hire Hive Scum to supplement their low numbers or inexperienced gang members. For the more established gangs, however, Hive Scum are either seen as not worth hiring or nothing more than cannon fodder to use against the gang's enemies.[1]


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