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Hive Trazior

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Trazior Hive is an Imperial Hive on the hive world of Necromunda.[1][2a]


Located on the edge of the Great Equatorial Waste, Trazior is the southernmost 'frontier' hive of the great Palatine Cluster[2b]. The hive is made up of three main spires, known colloquially as "The Three Sisters" - Trazior itself, along with Oberon Spire and Titania Spire.[1] They can be seen from a long way off by any traller coming across the wastes from the south.[2b]

It has been stated that Hive Trazior is considered a relatively small hive by Necromundan standards, with a population of around 3 or 4 million.[1] While other sources have stated that during an attempted census four thousend years ago found an estimated population of a billion in the upper habitation levels alone, and no further attempts to do a census have been done.[2a]

Many important merchant clans are based in Trazior and it is the main trading depot for convoys going to or from the southern hive clusters.[2b]

The Necromundan PDF is known to recruit new members from Trazior. Secretly, some of these recruits are screened to see if they would be worthy Aspirants for the Imperial Fists Chapter, who maintain a fortress-monastery on the planet.[1]

The hive was the scene of one of the most prolonged and vicious gang wars in the recent history of Necromunda.[2b]



At one point in the novel Space Marine, Trazior is spelled as "Trazlor".[1]

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