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Hive War

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Box cover

Hive War is an extension for 2nd edition Epic. Produced in 1995, it includes a 72-page rule- and background book with rules for many new infantry and vehicle types for the Tyranids. The set contained:

  • 82 swarm sheets
  • 24 swarm consciousness sheets
  • 152 paper counters

The rules allowed Tyranid players to field the Carnifex, Zoanthrope, Haruspex, Dactylis, Gargoyles, Lictors, Hormagaunt, Termagant, Genestealer, Trygon, Exocrine, Tyranid Warrior, Biovore, Dominatrix, Harridan and Hive Tyrant. Miniatures were not included.

Basic Information

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