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Hive World

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A typical Hive City

A η-class (eta class) or Hive World is a category of Imperial planet distinguished by vast, continent-spanning cities, often built high into the sky and deep beneath the earth.[4a]


Hive Worlds are estimated to comprise between 10-25% of the total quantity of Imperial planets. The exact numbers is difficult to establish due to the bureaucratic features of the Imperium itself.[5] Populations of every Hive World are enormous, and almost all food needs to be imported. A Hive World rendered temporarily inaccessible through Warp space will suffer a devastating famine within a very short space of time. It will become a vast catacomb of lunatics driven to excesses of anarchic, urban savagery by starvation and claustrophobia. Hive Worlds are dangerous, being too large to monitor safely, and their citizens are typically unbalanced, if not utterly crazed. It has been known for the Adeptus Arbites to cull these planets in order to bring their populations down to manageable levels.[1]

Billions of people can live crowded together in a single Hive city.[Needs Citation] Each of these Hive Worlders is a potential soldier for Imperial forces, including the Imperial Guard[4a] and the Space Marines. Hive Worlds contribute the vast bulk of the recruits for the Imperial Guard. The violent gangland lifestyle which most residents are forced to live means they are already hardened and experienced in warfare. Almost every recruit will already know how to handle a gun. Hive Worlds also serve to populate newly discovered planets. Imperial citizens are gathered from various Hive Worlds (willingly or unwillingly) and shipped off to distant colonies. An example of this would be Medusa V. Hive Worlds have huge import/export ratios, exporting a vast range of materials, and relying on imports of food and water. In common with most other Imperial worlds, Hive World society has distinct classes, with a ruling class and a working class. Invariably the lower classes inhabit the lower and more decayed and polluted levels of the Hive.[Needs Citation]

There are approximately 32,380 Hive Worlds in the Imperium.[2a] Most consist of various enclosed Hive cities or Hive clusters surrounded by wasteland, jungle, ice, plains, etc. In the most extreme examples the Hive World has developed beyond the point of separate Hive clusters - the planet's surface instead is completely urbanised with hundreds of stacked layers of arcologies, covering the entirety of the planet. Holy Terra is an example of this "city-planet". The sheer numbers of workers in a Hive makes them hard to control. Gangs grow up and control sections, fighting among themselves and millions subsists on scraps. Further up power reaches the ancient lighting system, while even further up, air circulation systems clean the air for those rich enough to afford it. It is a hierarchical system, and a ruthless one, but given sufficient forces to keep the populace down, it is a very efficient way of housing billions of people. If each person had a house on the ground, the entire planet would be overrun with living quarters and no room for production facilities.[Needs Citation]

Hive Worlds are important due to their output. They don't reach anywhere near the production of a Forge World, but the number of workers give out a huge quantity of materials. Hive Worlders, being just as brutal and savage as those on Feral Worlds also provide the best fighting material to the Imperium.[Needs Citation]

Notable Hive Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Notes
Absolom Reach (former) Now — Daemon World, also former Desert World
Acheron IV Also — War World; Imperium fought with Orks
Aerius (former) Now - status unknown. Suffered great losses due to the plague.
Agrellan (former) Ultima Was captured by Tau and renamed to Mu'gulath Bay, then subjected to Exterminatus by Imperium though part of the Tau population survived
Algol 18,000,000,000
Amarah Prime Segmentum Tempestus Orpheus Capitoline Subsector Amarah
Anshur (former) Status unknown, former Imperium
Aralan Aralan Sector
Archaos Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches
Armageddon Segmentum Solar Armageddon Sector Armageddon Subsector Armageddon System
Aryand Now — Necron world
Ashek II Pacificus Sabbat Worlds Attacked by Chaos with unknown result
Atoma Prime Solar Moebian Domain 90 Billion Experiencing a Chaos Cult and Traitor Guardsmen uprising and being addressed by Inquisitor Grendyl's retinue.
Auxilion Now — Dead World
Avalan Also — War World
Avellorn Segmentum Solar[3]
Badab Primaris Ultima Segmentum Badab Sector Badab System 5,170,000,000 Former Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Astral Claws)
Bakus III
Baraspine Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Adrantis Nebula Baraspine System 2,000,000,000
Belecane Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Markayn Marches Belecane System 2,700,000,000 Also — Forge World
Belial Also — Industrial World
Beta-Garmon III Solar Beta-Garmon Cluster Alpha-Garmon System Devastated during the Horus Heresy
Black Reach (Blackreach) Ultima Segmentum
Bront Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Golgenna Reach
Caldera Also — Death World
Canopus Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Josian Reach
Carcharias Also — Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Crimson Consuls)
Chima Lomas Obscurus
Clove Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss
Coronis Agathon[2c] Segmentum Obscurus 120,000,000,000[2c] Also — Fortress World
Corvus Majoris Ultima Corvus Sub-Sector
Cthonia (former) Segmentum Solar Cthonia system Now - destroyed
Cyclopean Prime
Cyclopia Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector
Derdoni (former) Primary Hive was destroyed, status unknown
Don-Croix Ultima
Drachu Segmentum Tempestus
Ephisia Segmentum Tempestus Site of rebellion
Falchat (former) Hives were stormed by Chaos, current status unknown
Fell Core
Ultima Now — Dead World
Fenksworld Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Josian Reach 1,000,000,000
Formal Prime Pacificus Sabbat Worlds
Fornax Aleph Pacificus Sabbat Worlds Newfound Trailing Group
Forsarr (former),
now - (Garaghak's World)
Segmentum Tempestus Forsarr Sector Forsarr System Now — Ork World
Galaspar Galaspar System Billions
Gantor Terentes
Gehenna Prime Gehenna System
Gethsemane Segmentum Obscurus Gothic Sector Gethsemane sub-sector Gethsemane System
Gunpoint Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss
Guytoga Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss
Hazhim Ultima
Hermetica Segmentum Solar Chonma Sector Hermetica System
Hexis Alpha
Hranx Also — War World, divided the planet between the Imperium and the Alpha Legion
Hredrin Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Josian Reach
Ichar IV Ultima Segmentum Ichar System 500,000,000,000
Ichorax (former) None, former billions Now — Dead World
Ishraq Ultima Corvus Sub-Sector Though polluted by Chaos, the Imperium thinks that the population may be cleanced of its filth
Isstvan III (former) Ultima Segmentum Isstvan system None, was 12 billion pre-Heresy Now — Dead World, site of the famous Battle of Isstvan III
Japheth Now belongs to Chaos
Jones Crispin World Ultima Segmentum Charadon sector Eydolim System
Kado Also — War World, the Imperium fought there with the Chaos
Khadenghast Also — War World, the Imperium fought there with renegade PDF
Kiavahr Also — Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Raven Guard)
Krieg (former) Segmentum Tempestus Uhulis Sector Now — Death World
Lakadamon Tempestus
Landunder Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Subsector Landunder System <1,000,000,000
Lavantia Tempestus Also — Desert World and Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Night Swords)
Lethe Eleven (former) Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Helican Subsector Thracian Primaris system Now — Ork World
Levion Gamma Suffered great losses through Ork invasion
Lo Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches
Was overwhelmed by a Poxwalkers epidemy
Malfi Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Subsector Malfi System 23,000,000,000
Medusa V (former) Ultima Segmentum Medusa system None Now — Dead World, also formerly Mining World
Mefara Secundus (former) Now — Desert World
Meridian Ultima Korianis Subsector Aurelia 32,000,000,000
Meridian (Maiden World) Former Maiden World
Merov Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Golgenna Reach
Merovincha Segmentum Obscurus Ixaniad Sector Crassan Subsector
Methalor Segmentum Solar
Methusela Ultima Segmentum Bane's Landing System
Minea[2a] Ultima Segmentum[2a] 154,000,000,000[2a]
Mitra Prime Segmentum Solar Now belongs to Chaos
Mordian Segmentum Obscurus Mordian system
Morrigar (former) None Now — Dead World, also — Tomb World
Necromunda Segmentum Solar Necromunda System
Nonimax Segmentum Pacificus Sabbat Worlds
Nostramo (former) Ultima Segmentum Destroyed, also - former Adeptus Astartes Homeworlds (Night Lords)
Nova Sulis Segmentum Solar
Nova Terra (Constantinium) Segmentum Pacificus Viridis Sector
Nucon VI At least 100 Billion The planet was plagued by Nurgle. Current status unknown
Optima Prima Also — War World and Mining World. Forces of the Imperium fought there with Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle
Orar Segmentum Obscurus Gothic Sector Orar Subsector
Orphidia Delta Segmentum Solar
Orphidia Prime
Pandora Prime
Persepolis Segmentum Pacificus
Phaenon Prime (former) Segmentum Obscurus None, formerly 14 billion Destroyed, also former Penal World and during some time belonged to Chaos
Piety Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches
Port Maw Segmentum Obscurus Gothic Sector Port Maw Port Maw System
Praedis Zeta Ultima Segmentum Vidar Sector Also — Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Imperial Reavers)
Praetoria Segmentum Tempestus Praetoria System
Prol IX Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Markayn Marches Prol System
Radnar (former) Ultima Segmentum Now — Dead World
Raxos (former) Was invaded by Daemons, current status unknown
Rebas (former) Now — Dead World
Regallus Now belongs to Chaos
Rora Eudymimous System
Saint Marduk's Bane (former) Now — Dead World
Samson IV Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Hazeroth Abyss
Schrodinger VII (former) Tomb World, Ice World, also former Mining World. Now belongs to Necron
Scintilla Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Golgenna Reach 25,000,000,000
Sephlagm Also — War World where Imperium fought with rebels
Septius VII
Shardenus Contqual
Shroud Millions Also — Mining World, Ice World
Solomon Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Markayn Marches Solomon System 13,000,000,000
Stalinvast (former) N/A Noe — Dead World
Subiaco Diablo
Segmentum Obscurus Belis Corona Sector Belis Corona System Now — Dead World
Tanis (former) Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Tanis System Now — Dead World
Targus VIII Segmentum Tempestus
Temperis[2b] Segmentum Pacificus[2b] Cabulis System[2b] Also — War World. Attacked by Orks
Tephaine Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Adrantis Subsector Tephaine System
Terra Segmentum Solar Sector Solar Sub-Sector Solar Sol System Billions
Thical Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Drusus Marches
Thracian Primaris Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Helican Subsector Thracian Primaris system 22,000,000,000
Segmentum Solar Thranx System Now — Dead World
Thridia Also — Tomb World
Tobias Halt Halt System
Tranch Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Adrantis Subsector
Turren Primus
Urlon IV
Vanqualis Scaephan Sector Obsidian System
Vaust Segmentum Pacificus
Vaxanide Segmentum Obscurus Calixis Sector Malfian Sub-Sector Vaxanide System 3,000,000,000
Vendettum[4b] Ultima Segmentum Bane's Landing System
Verghast Segmentum Pacificus Sabbat Worlds Newfound Trailing Group
Vigilus Segmentum Obscurus Nachmund Gauntlet Vigilus System ~167,000,000,000 Key route through the Great Rift
Volcanis Ultor Segmentum Solar Volcanis System
Vorlanthus IV
Vorsk (former) Vorsk Subsector Betalis System Now — Ork World
Vyaniah Ultima Segmentum Khymaran Drift 2,500,000,000 Early stage Hive World



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