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Hive of the Dead (Gamebook)

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Hive of the Dead
Author(s) C.Z. Dunn[1]
Released September 2011[1]
Pages 288[1]
ISBN 9781849701631[1]
Followed by Herald of Oblivion (Gamebook)

Hive of the Dead is a first book of the Path to Victory adventure gamesbooks released by Black Library.


The forces of Chaos are moving against the Imperium once more, and only YOU can stop them! The first in a new series of Warhammer 40,000 adventure game books, Hive of the Dead casts you in the role of an Imperial Guardsman, fighting for survival upon the plague-ridden world of Subiaco Diablo at the beginning of the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Face all the horrors of Abaddon’s legions, including Death Guard Chaos Space Marines, the walking dead, and foul warp-spawned daemons. Will you make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of mankind, or will your name be forgotten with the rest?[1]