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Holguin on Macragge

Holguin was the commander of the Deathwing during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


He was a stoic and ruthless but nonetheless diplomatic commander.[2b] During the Great Crusade he was one of the few Marines to have survived all three Rangdan Xenocides. Once standing at the forefront of all the Legion's battles, with the coming of Lion El'Jonson he became more withdrawn.[5]

During the Heresy, he accompanied his Primarch Lion El'Jonson to Macragge, where he later helped battle Konrad Curze.[1] He later was a key commander in the Battle of the Zepath System during the hunt for Curze across Ultramar.[2b]

After The Lion declared martial law on Macragge due to a rebellion by Illyrian rebels with believed connection to Curze, Holguin ruthlessly and unsympathetically enforced Dark Angels rule on the world.[2a] Holguin continued in his role during and after the Imperium Secundus period, commanding Dark Angels at the Battle of Pyrrhan and Second Battle of Davin.[3] Alongside Farith Redloss Holguin was only two of the Hexagrammaton commanders to survive the escape from the Ruinstorm.[4]



Conflicting sources

  • The novel Angels of Caliban notes Holguin as being born of the Windmir region of Caliban while the novella Dreadwing states that he is not Terran-born.[2c][4] However, his character biography in the Warhammer Community: Horus Heresy - Book 9: Crusade excerpt lists him as a native of Terra.[5]