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Holy Doctrinopolis

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The Holy Doctrinopolis is the capital city of the Shrine World of Hagia.[1a]

The king of the Holy Doctrinopolis was the highest representative of the Imperium on Hagia, serving as the closest thing the world had to a planetary lord.[1a]


During the Sabbat Worlds Crusade the city was taken by Pater Sin and his Infardi cultists, who killed King Infareem Infardus and hung his corpse in a gibbet.[1a] The Doctrinopolis was re-captured from the Infardi by regiments of the Astra Militarum, most notablly the Tanith First and Only regiment.[1a]

Despite the operation proceeding ahead of schedule, Lord General Lugo pressured the officer in charge of taking the city, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, into leading an armoured advance before Gaunt's infantry had secured their approach route.[1b] This not only devastated large areas of the city, but prevented the Imperials from discovering a Chaos booby trap that was triggered when Guardsmen of the Brevian Centennials regiment stormed the Citadel.[1c] The trap detonated, destroying the Citadel, killing all of the Brevians committed to the area. This explosion, however, was merely a side-effect of the trap's true, far worse, purpose - it acted as an astropathic beacon that signalled a nearby Chaos fleet towards Hagia. Warmaster Macaroth was left no choice, and instructed Lugo to order an immediate withdrawal of all Imperial forces from Hagia.[1d]

Notable Areas