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A homeworld generally refers to a planet where a species, individual or military force hails from. It can refer to a world where a species originally developed on, the primary world of a Space Marine chapter, or the world an Imperial Guard regiment was recruited from.

Famous homeworlds

  • Terra [3] — original homeworld of Humanity, capital of the Imperium, and official homeworld of the Imperial Fists.
  • The Homeworlds — high-gravity planets near the galactic core where the Squat race developed.[4]
  • T'au [1] — homeworld of the Tau, capital of the Tau Empire
  • Pech [1] — homeworld of the Kroot.
  • Vespid [2] — Homeworld of the Vespid, sharing the same name.
  • The Eldar homeworld. All that is know about this planet are legends claiming that it had three moons. Lileath the Maiden moon was the purest white. Kurnous the Hunter's moon was greenish and dim, and Eldanesh the Red moon. The earliest Eldar colonies are largely unknown. Only a few names are known: Croesus[5], Mymeara[5], Iydris[5], and Eldorado the Golden[5].

Notable Imperial Guard homeworlds

Space Marine Homeworlds

See: Adeptus Astartes Homeworld.

Chaos Space Marine Homeworlds

See: Daemon Worlds.