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Honour's End

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Honour's End is an event where Space Wolves and Flesh Tearers fought brother against brother, creating a stain on both their Chapters' histories.[1]

In the year 837.M41 the Space Wolves, Angels Vindicant and Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapters fought on the world of shrine world of Lucid Prime, as part of the Eclipse Wars, with the goal of defeating Chaos Space Marine elements assaulting the Hive of Ratspire. Thanks to a ferocious Flesh Tearers counter-attack, the Imperial forces were able to drive off the enemy. But the Flesh Tearers, their bloodlust not yet sated, continued on into the Hive, indiscriminately killing the citizens there. Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Seth assured the Space Wolves and Angels Vindicant that they were only purging those possessed of Chaos taint, a claim which the Space Wolves are outraged by and consequently attack the Flesh Tearers. The day plays out with brother fighting brother with the death of hundred on either side, with the event forever known from then on as Honour's End.[1]