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Honour's Might

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Honour's Might was a battle-barge that served as the flagship of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter around the time of the destruction of their homeworld, Sotha. It was commanded by shipmaster Mardelech.[1a]

When the tyranid splinter fleet designated Miral Rex attacked the Miral System, the Honour's Might was stationed above Miral Prime and landed the first significant blow with the destruction of the Hive Ship Heloth.[1b] Later the battle-barge was reinforced by the Strike Cruiser Atreides.[1c]

Over the course of the void-battle, Honour's Might destroyed many tyranid vessels. At one point it destroyed the hive ship Omerta, simultaneously saving the Atreides from the Jaduli. Unfortunately, the destruction of the Omerta blinded the ship's crew and sensors, allowing it to be ambushed by the hive ship Rocola.[1c]

After a struggle, Rocola ripped the battle-barge in half and overloaded its reactor. Honour's Might was lost with all hands. In addition to its crew, a number of First Company Terminators who were onboard were killed.[1c]

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