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Honour of the Third (Short Story)

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Honour of the Third
Cover art
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Series Angels of Death
Preceded by Setting the Stage
Followed by The Fury
Released September 2013
Pages 8
Collected in Legacy of Caliban: The Omnibus
Crusade + Other Stories (Anthology)
Editions September 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782512219

Honour of the Third is a short story by Gav Thorpe. It was published online on September 14, 2013.

Cover Description

Furion's Black Crusade has reached its height, and all that stands between the Chaos Lord and victory is a single warrior... Belial, a sergeant of the Dark Angels, stands before this mightiest of foes, determined to achieve victory or die trying. Will a new legend be forged, or will Furion add another skull to his tally?[1]

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