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Horst (Black Templars)

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Horst was a member of the Black Templars and was the Emperor's Champion of the Lastrati Crusade when it came to the aid of the Imperium world of Arthas, as it was being invaded by the forces of Nurgle. Led by Marshal Armante, the Crusade kept the forces of the Death Guard Chaos Lord Malek Vos and the Nurgle Daemon Prince The Fly Lord at bay, though the Black Templars suffered heavy causalities as a result. As the battle wore on, the Crusade soon found itself fighting alone and was stricken a fatal blow, when the Marshall himself was killed. With his death, all hope of saving Arthas was gone, though the remaining Black Templars refused to escape until they could reclaim Armante's body. With time running out for them, Horst and the Chaplain Ferdinand led what remained of the Crusade into battle with the forces of Nurgle, who were personally led by Malke Vos and The Fly Lord. Despite the Black Templars' efforts, however, they were destroyed before they could reach the Marshal's body, with Horst dying at the hands of Malke Vos.[1]