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Horticulous Slimux

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Horticulous Slimux[3]

Horticulous Slimux is a pragmatic and humourless Daemon of Nurgle[1]


Horticulous Slimux serves as the chief gardener for the Chaos God's Garden[2] and is known as the Grand Cultivator. While tending to the Garden, Horticulous casts an experienced eye over the festering flora all around him, while sitting astride his lumbering Molluscoid steed Mulch, which ploughs the Garden's foetid soil with the Gruntleplough pulled behind it. In battle, Horticulous' fights atop Mulch with his gardening lopping shears, while also using the host of plants, fertilisers and potions he carries, to conjure the power of the Garden of Nurgle and usher it into reality. This tactic is effective against sites of sorcerous power, as they can be overrun by the Garden's boundless Daemonic fecundity.[1]


Horticulous Slimux


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