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Horus Heresy: Aeronautica Imperialis

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Horus Heresy: Aeronautica Imperialis
Released August 2022
Pages 112
Preceded by Aeronautica Imperialis: Companion


For two hundred years, the Imperium of Mankind has laid siege to the galaxy, its all-conquering armies spreading outwards from Terra to unite all humanity under the Emperor's banner. Now, as the galaxy burns in a brutal civil war, the Horus Heresy takes to the skies in the ultimate test of aerial supremacy.

This Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook provides complete rules for bringing the dogfights and airborne sorties of the Horus Heresy to life on the table, as players pit Loyalist and Traitor aircraft against each other in deadly aerial warfare. It's everything a newcomer to Aeronautica Imperialis will need to learn how to play games set in the Age of Darkness, and a great reference book for veteran players.[1]


- A complete set of core rules for playing games of Aeronautica Imperialis, from shooting down enemy aircraft to giving your pilots ace skills

- A timeline of air battles in the Age of Darkness, from the War in the Webway to the Inwit Blockade

- Detailed narrative of the Fall of Vanaheim, a battle between Iron Warriors and invading Imperials in the skies of a crucial Forge World

- A collection of eight scenarios suited to re-enacting key moments in the Fall of Vanaheim, such as The Dogfight, Canyon Attack Run, and Troop Landing

- Full-colour illustrations of various Imperial aircraft, depicting the heraldry of the Space Marine Legions and other markings common to the 31st Millennium

- Rules for fielding a force of Legiones Astartes drawn from either the Traitor or Loyalist Legions, with a unique upgrade for each Legion

- Rules for the Divisio Aeronautica, the Imperial Navy of the 31st Millennium, who were split between the Warmaster and the Emperor

- Rules for the Ares Gunship, a terror weapon that can be fielded alongside Legiones Astartes or Divisio Aeronautica, or in a full Legio Custodes force

- Photocopiable assets including a quick reference sheet, a movement diagram, and tokens