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Horus Heresy (1993)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the 1993 Board Game; for the other articles, see Horus Heresy (disambiguation).
Horus Heresy
Designer Jervis Johnson
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 1993
Players 2
Game time 2 hours
Preceded by Battle for Armageddon (Game)
Followed by Doom of the Eldar (Game)

Horus Heresy was a 2-player wargame released by Games Workshop in 1993. It was the second the Jervis Johnson Wargames Series. It recreates the invasion of Earth by rebel forces. One player takes command of the invasion fleet led by Warmaster Horus, and the other the defenders led by the Emperor of Mankind. The game is split into 5 turns, each of which represents 2 weeks of the campaign.[1]


  • 181 double-sided counters
  • full coloupr map of the Emperor's Palace and surrounding area
  • 12 special cards
  • 8 strategy cards
  • 4 set-up sheets
  • 2 off-world areas
  • 1 reference sheet
  • 2 six sided die
  • Rulebook
Horus Heresy (1993) contents

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