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Horus Heresy Timeline

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A Timeline of the Horus Heresy.

  • Note: Not all events of the Heresy can yet be categorized
  • Note: Some dates are approximate estimates based upon the chronological events of the series itself
Year Event Notes
792.M30 Perturabo estimates this as the date of his own creation.[18] Possible date for the creation of the Primarch's
840.M30 Magnus the Red is discovered by the Emperor.[19]
964.M30 The Emperor and Ultramarines destroy Monarchia[1] Lorgar begins his Pilgrimage
965.M30 ALL DATA REDACTED[1] Incident involved the Space Wolves
966.M30 Cadia enters the Imperium[1] Lorgar completes his conversion to Chaos
969.M30 ALL DATA REDACTED[1] Incident involved the Space Wolves
970.M30 The Zaramund Campaign[17] Lion El'Jonson effectively exiles Luther and many of his Dark Angels to Caliban, fostering the seeds of resentment that will eventually give birth to The Fallen.
981.M30 Alpharius Omegon assumes control of the XXth Legion[1] The last Primarch is discovered by the Emperor
984.M30 Konrad Curze destroys his homeworld of Nostramo[1]
994.M30 The Isstvan System is brought into compliance by the Raven Guard[1]
000.M31 The Ullanor Crusade[1] Horus is named Warmaster after the victory and the Emperor returns to Terra for his secret project
000.M31 The Cleansing of Laeran. Fulgrim discovers the Silver Blade of Laer[3] Beginning of Fulgrim's descent into madness
000.M31 The Chondax Campaign begins[1]
001.M31 The Council of Nikaea[1] The Emperor bans the use of Librarians among the Legiones Astartes
001.M31 With the aid of John Grammaticus, Alpharius Omegon is shown a prophetic vision by the Cabal that convinces them to betray the Emperor and side with Horus in the coming rebellion in order to save Humanity.[7]
002.M31 Erebus steals the Anathame from the Interex[2] Beginning of the Word Bearers plan to initiate an uprising against the Emperor. The weapon will be used to convert Horus to Chaos
003.M31 The Imperium loses contact with the Isstvan System[1]
003.M31 The Luna Wolves are renamed the Sons of Horus[1]
004.M31 The Battle of Davin's Moon.[1] Horus falls to Eugen Temba armed with the Anathame. He is resurrected by the Serpent Lodge and secretly pledges to overthrow the Emperor. Magnus' attempt to warn his father of the treachery create a catastrophic psychic backlash on Terra, causing the Emperor to dispatch Leman Russ to Prospero Events orchestrated by Erebus, beginning of the War Within the Webway on Terra that will leave the Emperor indisposed for the rest of the Heresy.
004.M31 Horus kills Fabricator Consul Emory Salignac of the Auretian Technocracy, triggering a ten-month war with the Technocracy.[8] The war was orchestrated by Horus to obtain STC's in order to secure an alliance with Kelbor-Hal. After securing Mechanicum support, Lorgar sets them to secretly construct three Furious Abyss Battleships
004.M31 Perturabo destroys Olympia after a rebellion[1]
004.M31 Horus works secretly to convert Fulgrim, Mortarion, Angron, Konrad Curze, Perturabo, and Alpharius to his cause. Those he judges too loyal are dispatched on campaigns far from Terra.[16]
005.M31 The Blood Angels disappear en-route to Signus Prime[1]
005.M31 The Dark Angels are dispatched to the Eastern Fringes by Horus[1] Ploy by Horus to move his potential enemies away from Terra
734004.M31 The Burning of Prospero.[1] Magnus is broken by Leman Russ and teleports the survivors of the Thousand Sons to the Planet of the Sorcerers
005.M31 The Battle of Isstvan III. Horus declares open rebellion against the Emperor. The Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, and Death Guard purge loyalist elements of their Legion's.[1] End of the Great Crusade, beginning of the Horus Heresy
005.M31 The Flight of the Eisenstein. Nathaniel Garro of the Death Guard leads a force of loyalist survivors from Isstvan III through the Warp towards Terra to warn of Horus' treachery[13]
005.M31 The Eisenstein arrives at Luna. The Battle of the Somnus Citadel. Terra learns of the rebellion by Horus[13] Malcador the Sigilite forms the Knights-Errant in the aftermath, led by Garro
005.M31 The Schism of Mars begins[1] War will continue for the next year
005.M31 The Battle of Diamat. Lion El'Jonson and the Dark Angels battle traitor forces and encounter Perturabo who is on his way to Isstvan V. However the Dark Angels Primarch is unaware of his secret allegiance to Horus and the two part ways.[15] Meanwhile on Caliban, Luther begins defying the Lion and forms the first of The Fallen
006.M31 The Drop Site Massacre.[1] The Word Bearers, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, and Iron Warriors reveal their treachery and take part in the annihilation of the Raven Guard, Salamanders, and Iron Hands. Ferrus Manus is killed and Fulgrim becomes possessed by a Daemon. Vulkan is taken prisoner by Konrad Curze. Corax begins a guerrilla war against traitor forces for the next several weeks before being rescued. Shortly after the battle, Magnus sends word to Horus of his interest in an alliance.
006.M31 The Battle of the Rangda System[25] The first engagement of the Dark Angels
006.M31 The Battle of Signus Prime.[3] Sanguinius proves himself incorruptible[4] The Red Thirst manifests on a large open scale among the Blood Angels for the first time
006.M31 The First Battle of Paramar[4]
006.M31 Iron Warriors loyal to the Emperor defend the Schadenhold from their traitor brethren in a siege lasting a year and a day, Terran standard.[11]
006.M31 Mars falls to the Dark Mechanicum[4] and is subsequently blockaded by the Imperium
006.M31 The Battle of Beta-Garmon's first, smaller phase begins Civil war between the Mechanicum
200007.M31 Corax arrives in the Sol System and receives new gene technologies from the Emperor to create new enhanced warriors[5] Omegon begins plans to steal the new technology
007.M31 The Battle of the Phall System[4]
007.M31 The Battle of the Perfect Fortress
007.M31 The Battle of Ravendelve[5] Corax halts the production of his enhanced warriors, the Alpha Legion secretly acquires the technology
007-009.M31 The Battle of the Coronid Deeps and Manachean War[4]
007.M31 The Battle of Calth.[4] The Word Bearers reveal their treachery to the Ultramarines. The Ruinstorm forms in the aftermath, cutting off Ultramar from the greater Imperium
~007.M31 The Betrayal at Ithraca sees the beginning of the Crusade of Iron, which will be waged for the next two years across Ultramar
007.M31 A strike force of loyalist Astartes destroys the Word Bearers ship Furious Abyss before it can attack Macragge[12]
007.M31 The First Siege of Hydra Cordatus
007.M31 Perturabo and Fulgrim journey to the Eye of Terror to find the Angel Exterminatus, where the latter betrays the former to transform himself into a Daemonic entity[6]
007.M31 The Shadow Crusade begins with the Battle of Armatura[4] Massacres are designed by Lorgar to feed the growing Ruinstorm
007.M31 The Thramas Crusade begins[4] as the Night Lords begin a genocidal rampage across the Eastern Fringe to bog down the Dark Angels
007.M31 Nathaniel Garro, Tylos Rubio, and Macer Varren return to Isstvan III and discover that former Luna Wolves Captain Garviel Loken is alive[14] Loken mentally rehabilitated and inducted into the Knights-Errant
~007.M31 The Tenebrae Mission Omegon seemingly sabotages the Traitor effort to keep the White Scars from knowing about the Heresy
007.M31 The Battle of the Alaxxes Nebula[4], the Space Wolves are devastated by a Alpha Legion ambush but ultimately manage to escape
007.M31 The Chondax Campaign ends[4] as the White Scars break through a Alpha Legion blockade and head towards Prospero
007.M31 The Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars and Death Guard clash The last Primarch of unknown allegiance, Jaghatai Khan, declares himself for the Emperor. Four years of hit-and-run war against the traitors by the White Scars begins
008.M31 The Ruin of Maedran One of the largest Titan battles of the war
~008.M31 The Raven Guard undertakes guerrilla and special operations that liberate the worlds of Scarato, Constanix II, and Carandiru
~008.M31 The Battle of Perditus. Lion El'Jonson and the Dark Angels defeat a Death Guard force under Calas Typhon and acquire an alien device that allows them to conduct far more efficient Warp travels
008-013.M31 The Underground War begins in the aftermath of the Battle of Calth[4]
008.M31 The Mezoan Campaign[4]
008.M31 Traitor forces conquer Manachea[4]
008.M31 The Shadow Crusade ends.[4] Angron is transformed into a Daemonic entity
008.M31 The Fall of Baztel III
008.M31 The Dark Brotherhood appears in the Pale Stars First major appearance of Blackshields
008.M31 The Battle of Bodt
008,M31 The burning of Ohmn-Mat
008.M31 The Isessos Genocide
008.M31 The Officio Assassinorum fails to assassinate Horus on Dagonet
008-009.M31 The Battle of Vannaheim
008.M31 The Battle of Dwell
008.M31 The Battle of Molech[4] Horus seemingly gains the powers of the Emperor
009.M31 The Thramas Crusade ends[4] with the Night Lords scattering following an ambush by the Dark Angels Konrad Curze begins hiding within Lion El'Jonson's flagship Invincible Reason
009.M31 The Xana Incursion
009.M31 The Battle of Drooth II Last battle of the Crusade of Iron
009.M31 The Defense of Coronis Agathon[4]
009-053.M31 The Carnage of Morox
009.M31 The Battle of Arissak
009.M31 The Sangraal Campaign
009.M31 Fearing Terra lost, Roboute Guilliman declares Imperium Secundus[4] Using the Pharos, loyalist ships lost in the Warp due to the Ruinstorm will find their way to Macragge
009.M31 Lion El'Jonson and a contingent of Dark Angels arrive in Imperium Secundus. Konrad Curze escapes the Invincible Reason and rampages across Macragge. An insane Vulkan is recovered by the loyalists.[9] Sanguinius arrives at Macragge shortly after and is declared Regent of Imperium Secundus
009.M31 The Battle of Sotha
010-013.M31 The Cataclysm of Iron
010.M31 The Solar War begins
010.M31 The Scouring of Gilden's Star
010.M31 The Battle of Nyrcon
010.M31 The Battle of Nocturne[10] Vulkan is restored shortly after
010-012.M31 The Battle of Tallarn[4]
~010.M31 The Battle of Pluto Alpharius seemingly dies in battle against Rogal Dorn
~011.M31 The Battle of the Kalium Gate and Battle of Catallus Jaghatai Khan and the White Scars return to Terra
~011.M31 Following proof that the Emperor lives, Imperium Secundus is abolished by Roboute Guilliman, Sanguinius, and Lion El'Jonson. The Blood Angels, Ultramarines, and Dark Angels leave Ultramar and attempt to reach Terra through the Ruinstorm. However ultimately only Sanguinius and the Blood Angels will make it. Guilliman will lead another slower advance towards Terra. Journey includes the Battle of Anuari, Battle of Pyrrhan, and Second Battle of Davin
???.M31 Shadrak Meduson is captured and executed by Tybalt Marr following the Battle of the Aragna Chain
~011-013.M31 At Lion El'Jonson's orders, the Dark Angels begin a campaign of Exterminatus against the traitor homeworlds Barbarus and Chemos are destroyed
011-014.M31 The Malagant Conflict
011.M31 The Battle of Zepath While not found on Zepath, Konrad Curze is eventually captured on Macragge and forced to stand trial
011.M31 The Nostramo Sector is destroyed by an unknown enemy
011.M31 The Tarren Suppression sees loyalist forces retake the world of Tarren IV Traitor forces retake planet shortly after
012.M31 The Battle of Trisolian Leman Russ and Horus one another in a duel aboard the Vengeful Spirit.
012.M31 The Battle of Yarant Leman Russ is rescued by Corax
012.M31 The Battle of Tralsak
012.M31 The Council of Terra declares a new Adeptus Mechanicus made up fully of loyalist elements. Distinct from the traitor-aligned Mechanicum of Mars under Kelbor-Hal, loyalist Fabricator-General Kane gains a seat on the Council.[21] Mass executions of Martian-aligned Tech-Priests take place following the decision.[21]
012.M31 The Balthor Sigma Intervention
012.M31 The Scouring of the Ollanz Cluster
012.M31 The Battle of Beta-Garmon's 2nd and larger phase with the arrival of Horus' armada One of the largest battles of the Heresy
~013.M31 Horus falls into a coma following Beta-Garmon, but orders the mustering of the traitor primarch's to Ullanor in preparation for the drive on Terra.[20] Horus eventually recovers, Lorgar retrieves Fulgrim from the Eye of Terror while Perturabo retrieves Angron on Deluge. Lorgar is exiled after attempting to usurp the Warmaster.[20]
~013.M31 The Defence of Ryza[24]
~013.M31 Following the purging of Ynyx, Calas Typhon sabotages the Death Guard Navigators in the Warp which allows them to succumb to Nurgle[22] Then the Death Guard arrive at the Siege of Terra, they have been fully corrupted by Chaos
~013.M31 Malcador presents his nine chosen Knights-Errant to the Emperor who are subsequently sent to Titan Will go on to found the Grey Knights
013.M31 The Battle for Honourum
013.M31 The Battle of Thagria Lion El'Jonson and the Dark Angels aid loyalist Mechanicus forges in the civil war on Thagria after arriving there for repairs
~014.M31 The Battle of the Carchera System The Iron Warriors try to delay the Ultramarines advance to Terra
0000014.M31 The final phase of the Solar War Horus' armada captures the Sol System before moving on Terra
014.M31 The Sisypheums crew sacrifices itself in a raid on Luna The Magna Mater is denied to traitor forces.[23]
014.M31 Traitor forces reach the Imperial Capital, beginning the Siege of Terra.[4] After killing Sanguinius, Horus is slain in the final battle with the Emperor. The Traitor Legion's retreat, effectively securing Loyalist victory in the Horus Heresy. However, Malcador the Sigillite is dead and the Emperor is now permanently interred upon the Golden Throne. The Great Scouring begins in the aftermath of the Traitor defeat. Traitor forces begin their retreat to the Eye of Terror