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Hounds of Abaddon

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Hounds of Abaddon -
Chaos dedication: Khorne[1]
Colours: Black, Blood Red[1]
Strength: Unknown
Hounds of Abaddon Symbol.jpg

The Hounds of Abaddon are a warband of the Black Legion.[1]


Reveling in close combat like true devotees of Khorne, the Hounds of Abaddon are not a single unified warband but rather are a mob of vicious warriors led by Urkanthos, commander of the Black Legion's Fleet. Since the 13th Black Crusade, they have been led by Threxos Hellbreed.[1] They adorn their armour and weapons in both black and red to showcase their dual loyalty to Abaddon as well as Khorne.[5]

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