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House Aranthus

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House Aranthus (also called the Lost House) was one of the fallen Noble Houses of Necromunda's Hive Primus, which vanished entirely several centuries ago[1] in 364.M40[3], after being struck down by an unstoppable plague.[1]


Until several centuries ago House Aranthus ruled over substantial portions of Hive City. Then a plague arrived, thought by many to be the same which left House Escher males shriveled and imbecilic derelicts through its after effects, decimating House Aranthus' numbers.[1][2] Rumours persist, though, that Lady Annyr Helmawr unleashed the contagion upon Aranthus, after the House slighted her during a dinner party.[3] Regardless of its origins, the plague was unstoppable as it swept through Aranthus' population and it left the survivors struggling on. The House then rapidly became under resourced and vulnerable to attacks of all kinds.[1]

The lack of resources caused a spiraling debt which led the Planetary Governor, Lord Helmawr, to dissolve all of House Aranthus' assets and territories. The few remaining Aranthus were then variously dispersed to other Hives or absorbed by marriage, sanctuary or serfdom into the other Houses[1]. The contagion also caused the destruction of Hive Mortis, after the desperate lords of Aranthus tried medicae rituals that unexpectedly spread the disease to Mortis' population[3]. Though Aranthus' ancient haunts remain, the House itself has entirely vanished.[1]

“defend House Aranthus until it is time to…”

--Rumored to be the final words of one of last scions of House Aranthus[1]

According to legends, as the virus destroyed her House, one of the last scions of Aranthus fled to Hive Primus' Underhive with her Ogryn bodyguards. There she was struck by the disease and asked her loyal bodyguards to protect the House before she died. The bodyguards' Captain attempted to follow these orders and carved out a territory for Aranthus in the Underhive. The bodyguards eventually became known as the Lords of Aranthus and their land became a haven for the dead House's servants and retainers. However their growing influence with the underclasses had them destroyed by the Planetary Governor Helmawr at the time. Rumors persist, though, that the Captain and a few of the bodyguards were able to escape into the wastes. They are believed to be still there, searching for a true heir to the lost House of Aranthus.[4]

However during House Aranthus' downfall, Ozostium Aranthus and his siblings were imprisoned in hidden locations by House Helmawr, who were among their House's enemies. Despite this, Ozostium was able to use his psychic abilities to influence the minds of others and began a plot to free himself, restore his House and destroy Helmawr's bloodline.[6a]

The Lost House

Since Aranthus' downfall many have claimed lineage from the House, and it has remained fashionable to do so from that time to the present as a badge of uniqueness and distinction. Among Bounty Hunters and members of the Noble Houses the claim is a particularly popular one, and many of them venture to Aranthus' ancient haunts in a pilgrimage like search for fabled remnants of the House's past.[1]

When Necromunda's current Planetary Governor, Gerontius Helmawr, came into power, he ordered the deaths of any Rebel Lords claiming to be from House Aranthus. As for as House Helmawr knew Gerontius had succeeded in this task.[5]

House Aranthus Reborn

However when the Great Rift's Noctis Aeterna occurs, Ozostium puts his plans for freedom into motion.[6a] His servants, Lady Credo and the Prophet of Redemption, then began a rebellion that successfully freed Ozostium from his centuries long imprisonment. With the first part of his plans complete, Ozostium assumed command of the loyal House Aranthus armies his servants had gathered for him.[6b] With their might, Ozostium now seeks to free his imprisoned siblings, destroy Helmawr's bloodline and claim Necromunda for himself.[6a]


  • While it is said that "There is no doubt that Houses have emerged, risen and fallen over the centuries", Aranthus' position as "the" Lost House implies that it is the most recent, and perhaps only House to have vanished in recent memory.