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House Belisarius

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House Belisarius is one of the oldest and most powerful Navigator Houses in the Imperium.[3b] Their main dwelling is in the Navigator's Quarter on Holy Terra.[1a]


Aside from their duties as Navigators they also have extensive mercantile interests, including 50% ownership of the Rogue Trader vessel Star of Venam,[3b][3c] and controlling interest of the Promethium mining operations on the Jungle World of Hyades.[2]

House Belisarius is ruled by a Celestarch, chosen from among the most senior Navigators in the house.[Needs Citation]

Associations of Note

House Belisarius maintains several associations beyond those normally expected from a Navigator house.

The Wolfblade

Main article: Wolfblade (Unit)

House Belisarius and the Space Wolves' association goes back to the very foundation of the Imperium. House Belisarius provides a navigator for every ship in the Space Wolves fleet as well as several replacements. In return, the Great Wolf supplies the Celestarch with a bodyguard, one Space Wolf for every navigator attached to the Space Wolves (approximately twenty-four).[Needs Citation]

This bodyguard is called the Wolfblade. Apart from regular guard duties, the Wolfblade may be called upon to train or lead the troops of House Belisarius, undertake covert operations on their behalf or be present aboard one of the many Belisarius trading vessels. The Wolfblade are sworn to serve the Celestarch as they would the Great Wolf himself.[1b] Because of this ancient alliance, the wolf of Fenris is depicted on the Belisarius family crest.[1c]

Craftworld Ulthwé

In 101.M31 the Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwé somehow saved the fortunes of House Belisarius. In return for their aid House Belisarius gave them 7 coins, when one of these coins was presented to a member of House Belisarius they would drop what they were doing and put themselves and whatever resources House Belisarius had available at the disposal of the Eldar. The navigator would send the coin back to Terra, and 1/7 of the debt House Belisarius owed to the Eldar would be considered fulfilled. This agreement was known as the Pact of Anwyn.[3a]

Notable Members of House Belisarius


Belisarius was a general of the Byzantine Empire.