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House Devine

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This page contains spoilers for: The Devine Adoratrice (Short Story)

House Devine is a Traitor Knight House that repudiated its oaths to the Emperor of Mankind and followed the Warmaster Horus into the service of the Ruinous Powers during the Horus Heresy. House Devine fell under the sway of Slaanesh, and was the first of the Knight Houses to betray the Imperium of Man.[1a]

Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Devine
Affiliation: Chaos (Slaanesh)
Knight World: Molech
Colours: Purple/Gold
Banelash, a Knight of House Devine



The Knight World of Molech was located only several light years from Terra.[1a] Molech was reclaimed for the Imperium in a bloodless compliance by the Space Marine Legions in 869.M30, and was visited by no less than three Primarchs, Lion El'Jonson, Horus and Jaghatai Khan, all of whom left their mark on the world. Prior to Imperial Complaince, the people of Devine worshiped beings known as the Serpent Gods, until the practice was outlawed in favour of the Imperial Truth. Serpent cults devoted to these gods still existed underground up until the outbreak of the Heresy.[2]

Ruled over by House Devine from their stronghold of the Dawn Citadel, the world had close links to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Supporting the knight houses were a priesthood of Sacristans who handled the mechanical interface between the nobles and their mounts, the military of the Sacristan Guard and the Dawn Guard, and Devine's personal forces of huscarl cavalry, mechanised infantry, superheavy tanks, artillery and battle robot cohorts.[2]

Molech, like many of the Knight Worlds, was inhabited by fearsome predators such as the azhdarchid, a flightless bird creature, and the seven metre tall simian mallahgra. Regions and cities of Molech included the jungles of Kush, the mountains of Untar Mesas, Loquash, Aenatep and the Clockwork City. Other Knight Households on Devine included House Tazkhar.[2]

Horus Heresy

Molech was one of the planets that the Warmaster Horus assaulted during his drive towards Terra. Three Titan Legions and over a hundred Imperial Army regiments and Knight Households stood ready to face the Warmaster's onslaught, which included the Sons of Horus and Death Guard Legions. These forces were secretly in place to protect the gateway to the Warp that the Emperor had used to obtain his powers. Shortly before the traitor invasion, Governor Cyprian Devine was killed by his power-hungry son Raeven, which began the decline of the House. Instability was stoked further when during the battle, Raeven and his wife Lyx were killed by the crippled first-born of Devine, Albard.[1a] Albard soon became corrupted by Slaanesh, driven mad by the visions of a Great Serpent. Many of his followers followed him to treachery and madness.[3]

Horus' initial assault devastated many cities and strongholds including House Devine. Over the following months, the insidious whispers of Slaanesh spread through their fatigued ranks. Their officers became lethargic and interested only in their sports, using their mighty machines to hunt down the wild animals of Molech. Soon, they began to meet in secret cabals, committing depraved rites and ceremonies within the heart of the Loyalist camp.[1a]

The Knights of House Devine betrayed the Imperium when Horus launched a massive offensive against the loyalist forces. The Loyalists found themselves trapped between the advancing enemy forces and the Renegade Knights attacking from behind, allowing the Forces of Chaos to punch through the Imperial lines, blocking any routes of escape. Of the entire Imperial host only one in a hundred survived the campaign.[1a]

They also fought beside Legio Vulpa and Legio Mortis in the Battle of Beta-Garmon.[4]


House Devine continues to serve Chaos. Many of the machines' pilots have long since died, but their souls continue to live on as daemons, occupying the shells of their war walkers. The Knights themselves have also mutated, sprouting claws, tails and other horrendous natural weapons as blessings of the Dark Gods.[1a]

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