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House Draik

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House Draik is a Terran Noble House and also a Rogue Trader House[1a], which was once a member of the Davamir Compact alliance.[2]


While they served the Compact, the Draik developed a history of spurning the commands of its lords, before they finally left the alliance. Despite this, in M42 the House was asked to attend a meeting aboard the Compact's Space Station, the Cradle, by its current leader, Davos Lamertine. The Draik would not do so and replied that they were committed to their ventures in the west. Davos did not believe this, as he doubted there was anything of worth there for the Draik.[2]

The House is currently led by Coronis Draik[1c], who resides in the House's estates on Terra, within sight of the Imperial Palace.[1a] During his reign, Coronis exiled his son, Janus, from the House, after Janus slayed a Navigator of House Numa, which had an ancient allegiance with the Draik. This occurred during an honour duel, which Janus challenged the Navigator to after he made libellous rumors regarding Coronis' daughter, Thalia Draik.[1b]

Known Members