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House Drakkus

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This page contains spoilers for: Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
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Name: House Drakkus
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Tarnis

House Drakkus was a Knight House of the Imperium[1a]


They were the sworn enemies of the scions of Chaos and who had fought countless battles against the worshipers of Khorne.[2] This all came to an end however, when their Knight World Tarnis was invaded by a large Khorne Warband, lead by the Fallen Dark Angel Zufiel, that launched a devastating attack on the House's fortress Fort Drakkus. The Household's Knights were caught by surprise from the attack and were soon being overwhelmed by the Warband, which forced them to send a message of aid to the Dark Angels Chapter, who they shared a pact of alliance with. The Dark Angels received the message and as House Drakkus waited for aid, its Knights fought ferociously to defend their home. The Warband's numbers and firepower were too much for the Knights to fight against however, and they were eventually all killed and used as sacrifices in the summoning of a greater daemon of Khorne. Only one Knight survived, but at the brink of death. For him, deliverance came when the Dark Angels forces' of Master Tigraine suddenly arrived and pushed the Khorne Warband back; which allowed the Space Marines to quickly evacuate what survivors they could find to their Strike Cruiser in orbit, the Fist of Caliban. Sadly however, of the once mighty House Drakkus, all that remained were the single ravaged Knight and a few servants of the Household.[1a]

After learning of House Drakkus' fate, the remaining Knight did not give into despair, though he knew his Household was gone, as it could never recover from the losses the Warband had dealt it. He instead became a Freeblade and vowed to uphold the pact his House made with the Dark Angels. Taking the name Vortigan, the Freeblade aided Master Tigraine and his Dark Angels in saving his home world Tarnis from not only the ravages of the Khorne Warband,[1a] but also from an invasion from the Waaagh! of the Ork Warboss Nekkruncha.[1b] Fort Drakkus was later transformed by the Chaos Warband and used as the center for summoning the Greater Daemon Felfurion. The Daemon was slain by Vortigan, avenging the fall of House Drakkus.[1c]

Known Knights

  • Baron Hengest — The last Lord of House Drakkus and Uncle to the Knights Ebissa, Oeric and the Freeblade Vortigan. He was killed during the attack on Fort Drakkus, by a Khorne Warband.[1a]
  • Ebissa Knight and Brother to Oeric and Vortigan. He was killed during the attack on Fort Drakkus, by a Khorne Warband.[1a]
  • Oeric Knight and Brother to Ebissa and Vortigan. He was killed during the attack on Fort Drakkus, by a Khorne Warband.[1a]
  • Vortigan — Knight who was the youngest Brother of fellow Knights Ebissa and Oeric. He survived the attack on Fort Drakkus by a Khorne Warband[1a], but soon became a Freeblade after learning he was the only Knight of House Drakkus that still lived.[1b]

Known Servants

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