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House Fervans

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House Fervans is a Knight House of the Imperium that resides on Death's Welcome.[1]

House Info
Name: House Fervans
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Death's Welcome

Like the Households of Drudge and Scythe, Fervans is composed of morbid nihilists were foretold of their Households' destruction in battle. So when the splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Hydra invaded their world, Fervans' Knights believed their destruction was at last at hand and gladly joined the Houses of Drudge and Scythe in battling the Tyranids. The Knights of Death's Welcome took such a heavy toll on the invading Tyranids, though, that Hive Fleet Hydra's Bio-ships retreated after their reserves of biomass bacome dangerously spent. While through their efforts Death's Welcome was saved, the world's Knight Houses are devastated and just eighteen Knights remain alive from a starting force of over four hundred.[1]

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