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House Greim

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A depth, a breadth,
A place so steep, a hole so deep,
Beyond edge of sight, tipped into night,
To velvet lake of phosphor shrouds,
Of twisting heat, of burning clouds,
To where the spider mares abound,
Down to where my dreams are found.

--Excerpt from Abyssa Obscura and Other Visions, the collected works of Scelerus Greim.[2]

House Greim is one of the seven Noble Houses of Necromunda's Hive Primus.[1]


House Greim owns huge portions of Necromunda's weapons manufacturing capacity and has proclaimed itself the preeminent military family of the Hive World. Despite that billing, though, the vast majority of Greim's nobles have never seen a battle. This has not stopped them, however, from wearing campaign medals and ornamental weaponry, as they march about the spire conducting business like the House is waging war. And perhaps they are, for in the struggles between the Great Houses, the scions of Greim have survived for centuries, using one stratagem or another to outwit their foes. It also helps that the House claims ownership of the titles and structures of Necromunda's Militia regiments, from which the Astra Militarum draws troops to serve the Imperium. This means many militia commanders, as well as representatives for the Imperial Guard, owe House Greim for their commission and their position on Necromunda. The House also inspects and tests the ordnance created by the Clan Houses and the finest creations are marked with Greim's family symbol. In a form of blatant favoritism, these marked ordnances are then gifted to House Greim's prized battalions and companies. Planetary Governor Gerontius Helmawr is well aware of this, but willingly tolerates it, much like he does of Greim's military delusions of grandeur. He knows that by allowing the House's nobles to play at soldier, they will support him against the other Houses, all at the cost of a few shiny medals.[5a]

Greim also has strong ties to House Goliath, who they have counted to be among their close allies for many generations. As a result, House Goliath has been bestowed lucrative Astra Militarum weaponry contracts[5a] and Greim even sends its lower-ranked Nobles to join Goliath's Underhive gangs as military advisors. Known as Krieg Mesters, they also both serve to oversee the field testing of weapons Greim has funded and also keep an eye on the investments placed on House Goliath[5b]. For one day House Greim hopes to field a Regiment composed entirely of Goliaths, which only the sanction of Governor Helmawr, and the Imperium's distrust of Abhumans, has prevented. Though the time might yet come, when House Greim sends the Goliaths to march to war.[5b]


The Underhive trading settlement Junktion has a square named Greimplatz.[4]


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