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House Griffith

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Colour Scheme House Info Symbol
Name: House Griffith
Affiliation: Imperium
Knight World: Dragon's End[1d]
Colours: White/Red
Motto: Honour and Fury, Courage and Strength[9a]

House Griffith are a Knight House of the Imperium based on Dragon's End.[1d]


The Knights of House Griffith are a fierce and proud warrior caste who value courage and skill at arms above all else. Duels of honour are commonplace amongst Griffith’s hot-headed Knights. A regular jousting tourney, the Field of Adamantium, dictates the standings of each family in society; a Knight can be preeminent one day, but overshadowed the next, should one of his rivals emerge triumphant.[1c]

The Knights of House Griffith use Errant armour almost exclusively, the exo-suit’s powerful thermal cannon befitting these close range specialists. Such is their aggressive nature, however, that many of Griffith’s Knights eschew the use of ranged weaponry in battle unless absolutely necessary, preferring instead to charge forwards and strike down their foes with reaper chainswords in glorious combat.[1c]

Its Knights are also known to serve within the Padah March alliance of Knight Houses and Freeblades.[11a]

Known Battles


House Griffith was based out of Bastion Armentes, a stronghold on the planet Dragon's End.[1a]

Heraldry & Nomenclature

The Knights of House Griffith wear white armour.[1d][4a] Griffith's heraldic scheme is considered unusual amongst those used by the Knightly Houses in that the High King's Knight is not denoted by a band on its carapace (which is normally traditional).[4a]

One notable facet of Griffith's heraldry is that a Knight may paint their armour's melee weapon in red, but only if that Knight has slain an enemy High King (although whether a particular enemy counts as a High King or its equivalent is sometimes a matter of debate amongst the House's nobles).[4a]

The crest of House Griffith was heavily based on the personal coat of arms of Nathaniel, the first ruler of the House.[1d] It depicts the dragon Alvirax, clutching the broken dragonbone lance that Nathaniel used to slay it, both of which are rendered in black on a white background.[1d][4a]

The ruler of House Griffith bears the title Grand Master of the Lance.[1b][1d] The Grand Master's Knight suit features a stylised lance emblem, in honour of the House's founder, Nathaniel.[1d]

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