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House Harrow

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House Harrow is a Necromunda Noble House, which was once led by Lord Harrow.[1]

However the Noble's advance age prevented him from partaking in the Underhive hunts he enjoyed, so Lord Harrow decided to lure prey to him. He would then spread rumors of a treasure called the Hand of Harrow and the Noble would wear a Spyrer suit to kill those who came seeking it, within his House's estate museum. However Lord Harrow's museum hunts came to an abrupt end, when he met his match and died at the hands of the Underhiver Caleb Cursebound and his partner, the Ratskin warrior Iktomi. Though, the two would successfully escape from the museum[1], House Harrow soon learned they were responsible for their Lord's death and sent out a bounty to kill Caleb and Iktomi. A group of Bounty Hunters are now tracking the two, but secretly among them is Lord Harrow's daughter, Elissa, who has vowed to take revenge against her Father's killers.[2]

Notable Harrows